The Analyze infomation of CD-ROM in 3DO , 18127th 1995/12/21 UPDATED

  1. File structure

  2. char / 1byte, int / 2byte, long / 4byte data-length in list.

    1. ROOT directory

    2. ROOT directory's position are recorded in the top block.

      struct	TDO_TopBlk	{
      	char		unknown1[0x28];
      	char		Mark_ID[8];	/* Mark_ID is 'CD-ROM' */
      	char		unknown2[0x34];
      	unsigned long	NofDirEnt;	/* Number of backup entries */
      	unsigned long	RootDir;	/* Position of root-dir */

    3. Directory structure

    4. Directory structure (Header)

      +0x004Current page num, 0xffffffff means it is last page.
      +0x0c4Size of this directory
      +0x14?File entries(*1)

      *1 File entry structure

      +0x004File attribute(*2)
      +0x084File extention
      +0x104File size (byte)
      +0x144File size (block)
      +0x2032File name
      +0x404(Number of copy entry) - 1
      +0x444Start block of this file
      (+0x48)4Start block of this file (copy, variable length)
      (+0x4c)4Start block of this file (copy, variable length)

      *2 Known file attirbutes

      0x??????02Plain file
      0x??????06Disc label
      0x??????07Sub directory
      0x40??????End of directory in this block,
      but continue next block
      0xc0??????End of directory in this block,
      no continue next block

  3. Reader programs

  4. SCSI CDROM Drive and ASPI-driver require.

    Download is here => 3do_cp10.lzh

    1. Listing files

    2. option '-u' defines SCSI-ID in CDROM(require).

      option '-a' # of Host Adapter. default is '0'.


      3do_dir -u1

      output example

    3. Copy a file

    4. option '-u', '-a' same as 3do_dir.exe.

      separate directory names by slash '/' in source file name.


      3do_cp -u1 /data/SND/Sound1.AIFF snd01.aif

    5. Other utilities

    6. unpak.exe	extract *.PAK file in Sailor-Moon.
      unsnd.exe	extract *.BIN sound archive in SuperStreetFighter2X.
      adpcm.shar	extract an ADP4 compressed sound file.

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